Management Information Base, or MIB, is a virtual database used to manage entities in a communication network. MIBs are most often associated with SNMP, although they are also used in OSI/ISO Network Management Model.

MIBs associate literal (string) names with their value representations (entity may be an octet string, an integer value or an Object Identifier). MIBs are issued by a number of entities, including IETF and commercial organizations. MIBs are used to operate miscellaneous network data types.


IPHost features:

SNMP MIB Browser
IPHost Network Monitor is a reliable network and server monitoring tool. You can monitor mail servers, internet hosts, database servers, WMI, …

SNMP Monitoring
You can select what variable to monitor using built-in MIB browser that provides … IPHost Network Monitor includes 70 most common MIBs to help you to setup …

SNMP Custom Monitor
SNMP Custom Monitors are of advanced type of IPHost Monitors. SNMP, or Simple Network Management Protocol, is a protocol used in many (mostly Unix-type) systems to request and/or modify parameters of a dvice supporting the protocol …

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