Network discovery

Network discovery can be used to build an initial list of hosts to monitor. It is done either through scanning for hosts by providing network mask, or by scanning hosts from host names list. By default, ICMP PING, SNMP, HTTP(S), FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP are used to detect active hosts.

The protocols list can be edited, to suite specific needs. Note that re-discovery is possible to schedule as an alternative to modifying the hosts list manually.


Networks monitoring

IPHost features:

SNMP Monitoring Tool
… With SNMP monitoring software you can monitor (scan, test, check) any Unix/Linux servers, network equipment (that also usually runs some kind of Unix) and even Windows includes SNMP agent …

Ping tool – Host & network servers monitoring
PING tool is one of the simplest IPHost monitors; it is used primarily to detect a network host’s availability as well as availability of any website and/or device …

SSH Monitor
… In most cases this monitor type can be used if there is an existing program (including Nagios plugins) and/or script on a remote host and it is required to integrate it with IPHost Network Monitor’s engine. This monitor can also be used just to test SSH connection …

UDP Monitor
Thus IPHost Network Monitor provides both simple and convenient means to perform /UDP ping’, i.e. send a data packet (datagram) to the host in question. …