How to set up alerts and reports, if several network cards are installed?

How to set up IPHost alerts/reports, if there are two or more network cards on computer?

Q: I have installed IPHostMonitor on a PC with two network cards. One connects to our production network and the other connects to our storage network. My computer is connected to the production network only. I receive notifications from IPHostMonitor by email, with links that could show more information. However, the links do not open when I click on them. How can I make the links working?

A: IPHost Network Monitor uses single IP address for its internal Web server, to display alerts and report details. Default computer IP address is used in case of multiple IP addresses assigned to network cards.

If default IP address isn’t directly accessible from other networks computer is connected to, links from IPHost reports may fail to open (looking broken). To handle this, one should specify explicitly which IP address to use as default for internal Web server and links referring to it in notifications.

If you use IPHost Network Monitor of version 4.0.9306 or newer, you can configure the Web interface on Settings -> Web Interface page. Set the address, enable or disable protocols, select ports if necessary, as in example below, and click Apply button at the bottom of the page.

Web Interface address

The Web interface restarts automatically and will start working with new settings.

If you use older version of IPHost Network Monitor, please do the following: to select another IP address you should modify IPHost default configuration file, nms.ini, located in IPHost application data directory, namely in
“C:\ProgramData\IPHost Network Monitor”
if you use Windows Vista or above, or in
“C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IPHost Network Monitor\data”
if you use Windows 2003 or XP.

Below is the sequence of steps required to reassign default IP address for IPHost Network Monitor’s internal Web server:

  1. Stop the IPHost monitoring service («Tools -> Stop monitoring service») and close the IPHost GUI client (File -> Exit)
  2. Make backup copy of nms.ini file (see above for its location)
  3. Open nms.ini in text editor such as Notepad, find ‘[WWW]’ section and change ‘Host’ option below. The default value is

    Change it like this:


    (note: use relevant IP address accessible from network in question)

  4. Test the change: open IPHost GUI client, open settings window («Tools -> Settings»), select «System» tab and make sure correct address is specified in Host field under Web Server section. Open Web Interface by clicking the corresponding menu icon to make sure the interface works.
  5. If address is correct, start monitoring service («Tools -> Start monitoring service»); otherwise, repeat step 3 above

For all versions of IPHost Network Monitor: all Alerts and reports generated after this change will contain internal links using new IP address. Please revert the Host settings to default one to choose default IP address again.

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