How shall I send you database file? It’s very large.

How shall I send you database file? It’s very large.

Q: I want to send you monitoring database file for analysis, but it’s too large to include it into email message. How shall I pass it?

A: First of all, we recommend compressing the database file(s) prior to sending them. Use utilities such as WinZip or 7-Zip, to reduce the files size and, optionally, encrypt the archive.

After that, there are several options to transmit large file:

  1. Use free file sharing services such as File Dropper. Note: we strongly discourage you from sending monitoring database without encryption via such services. Otherwise, you risk exposing database to public domain.
  2. We can set up FTP account for you to transfer data to us. You will be able to use both FTP and SFTP access (the latter is recommended, since it encrypts data being passed).
  3. If you have Dropbox account, you can share a folder within it and give us access. Just add user, so we could download required files. It’s one of safest ways to transfer files.
  4. In case none of the above suits your needs, contact us to arrange another safe data exchange option.

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