How can I monitor SNMP-enabled devices?

How can I monitor SNMP-enabled devices with your application?

Q: I am using your IPHost Network Monitor trial version and I’m pretty impressed with its fast speed and low resources usage. I use this application to monitor SNMP-enabled devices. Please suggest me some demo videos or simple documents for SNMP alone, since I have difficulties in configuring SNMP and SNMP Traps monitors.

A: You need to start from creating monitor as described at (choose the SNMP Custom on the first page): Help: Adding Monitors Manually

On New Monitor Wizard last page press [Select…] button to open SNMP Browser.

SNMP Browser is used to select a particular SNMP variable to monitor. Browser tries to connect to your device, hence it can be used to test if SNMP service is configured correctly on your device and if IPHost Monitor is able to connect to device. After the browser is connected to the device you can choose any SNMP variable from the OIDs tree: Help: SNMP Browser

For more detailed description see the following document: SNMP Custom monitor

The SNMP Traps monitor is described here: SNMP Trap monitor

Also, there are 4 predefined hardware performance monitors that obtain their data over SNMP. You can monitor several CPU load parameters, various memory usage metrics, available or used disk space, and varied processes characteristics of any SNMP-enabled device.

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