How to specify database name for Oracle DB monitor?

How should I specify database name for Oracle DB monitor?

Q: What shall I enter into “Oracle Database Name” field when creating Oracle DB monitor? Alias from tnsnames.ora, server name (IP address) or service name (TRAD11P_PROD)?

A: “Oracle Database Name” is database instance name. Oracle database monitor type doesn’t make use of TNS.

Note: it is required to install Oracle Database Instant Client on computer where IPHost Network Monitor is running, to allow using Oracle database monitors. Here are the steps:

a) Download appropriate Instant Client packages (Basic or Basic Lite) for your platform:

b) Unzip the packages into a single directory such as “C:\OracleClient”

c) Append the Instance Client directory path to the “PATH” environment variable, e.g.:

d) Restart both IPHost Monitor Client and Service to make them use the newly installed Oracle client libraries.

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