April 2016 (5.0 build 10689)

April 2016 (5.0 build 10689)

This is a release of a new major version of the product.

Application Templates
The main new feature of IPHost Network Monitor version 5.0 is an introduction of application templates. Detailed information on application templates can be found in Help.

Web Interface
The web interface has been enhanced to allow generating all types of reports in the JSON format. An additional optional “format” parameter is added to URLs. This parameter can have one of the three values:
• format=html – report in the HTML format (default);
• format=json – report as a human-readable, pretty-printed JSON (with newlines and indentations);
• format=compact – report as a minimal size JSON, without meaningless whitespace.

Now HTTP Basic or Digest authentication may be applied to the web interface as a whole or only to a part of it. The necessary web server modules were added to IPHost Network Monitor distribution and its configuration files were adjusted in accordance. It’s still possible and preferable to use Access Password to protect web interface as a whole, but now it’s also possible to apply more fine grained access control restrictions via HTTP authentication, allowing certain users to see certain pages only. See /kb/how-can-i-allow-access-to-certain-web-interface-pages-only.html for more information.

Monitoring service
WMI Process monitor now correctly calculates CPU usage. Previously, negative values or values exceeding 100% might appear.

NTLM authentication support in HTTP(S) monitors has been fixed. Previously HTTP 401 error might have been returned for servers using this authentication method.