Create your first SNMP monitor

Create your first SNMP monitor

In this tutorial, we will learn how to set up a SNMP monitor (first steps). Note that to cerate further monitors of the same kind, you can use “Copy” command when right-clicking on the monitor (or from menu bar of currently selected View tab.

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IPHost Network Monitor supports all the SNMP versions (v1, v2c, v3; see the section on the monitor Main parameters tab).
IPHost Network Monitor can monitor exact value, test if the value has changed, or check whether the value is valid.
There’s a powerful MIB browser tool allowing to navigate the entire collected OIDs tree. It can be used either from “Tools” menu item…
…or by clicking Select button to the right of OID value in the Monitor Definition section.
MIB browser allows you to

  • study and traverse OID hierarchy (in tree-like form)
  • assign specified elements desired values (the values that may be changed are displayed on a green background)
  • load or unload MIB files (those with definitions of OID variables)
  • search OID tree by numerical OID values, or by human-readable names


Creating SNMP monitor

Let’s commence creating SNMP monitor. First, add a new host for a network printer (choose “New Host” from “File” menu item, or right-click on an appropriate hosts group and select “New Host”).
After the new host has been created, right-click on it and select “New Monitor”.
Select “Resources – over SNMP and SSH” category on the left and “SNMP Custom” monitor type, and click “Next”.
On the next screen, specify the host name of the device you’re creating SNMP monitor for. If you are absolutely sure you have all the data at hand, you can also check the “Start the monitor” in the lower left corner, to activate the monitor immediately after it is created. Click “Next”.

On this final screen you can select OID to monitor, upload required MIB(s), set up threshold values to raise alerts and specify all the other monitor parameters. The details are explained in the section below.

Note: while the New Monitor Wizard is running, you can’t otherwise use IPHost Network Monitor. Click “Finish” after you have completed (or if you choose to conclude setting up monitor in the Main parameters/State conditions/Alerting panes later).

Your next steps

The above steps are common for every SNMP General monitor you will be creating. Please note that in many cases you can copy (“clone”) monitors to avoid repeating the same steps. However, we recommend to create your first monitor in accordance with this tutorial, to understand every step in details.

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