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Affiliate Partner program is offered to owners of popular sites, visitors of which could be interested in buying IPHost Network Monitor. If you own a high-traffic site (of any kind – blogs, forums etc), please contact us to obtain an affiliate link to place on pages of your site. All the purchases made through that link bring you income; you will be paid your affiliate commissions (once every accounting period), counted as the mentioned percentage of the total sum of the orders completed through your link.


If your company specializes in computer software and/or hardware; if your company is a e-shop, owns a popular informational site or another type of site using its own e-commerce solution – welcome to our Reseller program. A Reseller Partner takes care of all the order processing, up to delivery the piece of software to an end user.

OEM Partners

We offer technology solutions to monitor all the types of network devices: workstations, servers, network printers, Web sites et al. – the solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into your own software products. This can be used to provide additional functionality to your products and thus attract new customers.

If you are interested in partnership, if you have any questions – feel free to contact us at
or via the contact form.

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