Datagram Delivery Protocol

Datagram Delivery Protocol, or DDP, is a socket-to-socket datagram delivery protocol designed for AppleTalk networks. It doesn’t guarantee datagram delivery, though, and is akin to the IP family protocol UDP. All application-level protocols from the AppleTalk suite, including the infrastructure protocols NBP, RTMP and ZIP, were built on top of DDP.

DDP is very lightweight protocol, due to the lack of delivery guarantee overhead. AppleTalk addresses used by DDP consist of 16-bit network number and 8-bit node number; adding 8-bit socket number to it creates a unique network process.


IPHost features:

UDP Monitor
IPHost Network Monitor provides both simple and convenient means to perform /UDP ping’, i.e. send a data packet (datagram) to the host in question. A number of other widely used protocols use UDP …