Host monitoring

Host monitoring in general is making sure the host (network device with assigned IP address) behaves as expected, e.g. responds in known way when connected at a given port.

A host is often being monitored for more than one port (service), when there are several services running at the host and it is important they all must be alive and work as expected.


Server performance check

IPHost features:

Windows Services Monitor
Checking services might be useful to detect early possible system malfunction, out of resources conditions and so on. IPHost Network Monitor offers a simple means to run such tests easily …

SOA monitoring
IPHost Network Monitor provides means to make SOA-type services development and usage easier, since monitoring is required at every stage of SOA-type service lifespan …

SMTP Monitor
Reliable Monitoring: SNMP, WMI, Websites monitoring, Database Servers, Mail … being notified promptly on whatever problems can happen to the mail server. …

Ping tool
PING tool is one of the simplest IPHost monitors; it is used primarily to detect a network host’s availability as well as availability of any website and/or device …