Web hosting, usually named simply “hosting”, is related to services allowing to grant Web access to certain content. “Web” refers to underlying technologies used to access data: initially, it referred to HTTP/HTTPS protocols; nowadays it also includes SPDY and HTTP/2.

Hosting is commonly provided on 24/7/365 basis, assuming there are corresponding infrastructure, customer support and related facilities to provide stable uninterrupted access to data. All the above are by default hosting components (which can be also provided as separate services).

When specific type of hosting is assumed, it can have specific name. There is shared, or virtual hosting (most common, when multiple user sites are hosted on single server). When physical or virtualized computer is provided as service, it is called, correspondingly, dedicated or virtual private (virtual dedicated) hosting. Cloud hosting means providing hosting services on distributed, fail-proof infrastructure. In all cases users are provided with basic access to transfer data and configure their hosting service (by means of FTP and other types of access).