Polling interval

When certain parameters are being requested from time to time, it’s said they are polled. If this polling occurs periodically, the time between subsequent polls is named polling interval.

When picking polling interval for a certain type of monitor it is advised to choose it so that the target device would not be overloaded with too often requests. It is especially important when resource-consuming monitors are used such as Web Transaction Monitors, database monitors and so on.


IPHost features:

SNMP Traps Monitor
… that IPHost SNMP traps monitor is a passive type of monitor. Whereas all the monitors available so far were active (the device to monitor was polled), SNMP traps monitor is called when an event happens on the target device …

Smart Disk monitoring
… better use SNMP traps to react immediately to a down state, without waiting for another polling. However, you should be warned against running these polls too often …