Trap monitor

SNMP traps monitor is a ‘push’ type monitor; most monitors used by IPHost Network Monitor are of ‘poll’ type, meaning they are called periodically to gain data and to perform whatever actions are expected.

The trap monitors are set up to be called when the certain condition is met. I.e., they are not polled, but called only when the state of device being monitored changes. Since SNMP allows using external programs to provide SNMP data, it is possible to use trap monitors in almost every possible case, at the cost of overhead generated by running external programs by SNMP daemon.


IPHost features:

SNMP Monitoring Tool
With SNMP monitoring software you can monitor (scan, test, check) any Unix/Linux servers, network equipment (that also usually runs some kind of Unix) and even Windows includes SNMP agent. SNMP monitoring also allows you to test and monitor performance parameters of many server applications (like database servers, mail servers).

SNMP Custom Monitor
SNMP can be set up to store data for every desired parameters of the target system; this makes it a universal tool suitable for almost any type of monitoring. However, manual monitoring is rather a complex task. IPHost Network Monitor offers an efficient solution for such tasks.