Uptime and downtime graph

Several monitoring tools such as MRTG generate graphs of the parameters being monitored; an example of such graphs can be uptime/downtime graphs.

Basically, the state of a host is defined as either ‘up’ or ‘down’, so this type of graph takes minimal possible space to represent the up/down states history.


IPHost features:

Server uptime monitoring
… In cases where your servers become unavailable IPHost Network Monitor will immediately send notifications via e-mail, SMS, and other means. This allows server administrators and business owners to timely respond to failures thus maximizing server uptime …

Web Server Monitoring Tool
IP Host Monitor automatically performs checking of various web server types and has the following capabilities of web server monitoring …

Server performance testing
Windows server performance monitoring can rely upon WMI monitors, whereas Linux server performance monitoring can use SNMP type of monitors. Depending on the server specifics, other parameters can be taken into account …