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OID list for ctron-tx-queue-arbitration-mib

The ctTxQPortGroupMapTable defines the mapping of interfaces to a specific port group.
Defines a particular entry containing objects pertaining to definition and control over interfaces supporting multiple transmit queue arbitration.
Indicates the transmit queue port group to which the interface claims membership. The specific interface is indicated by the instancing information.
A table containing entries to specify the approximate priority for servicing of each transmit queue for each port group on the device.
Specifies the entries in the ctTxQArbTable.
The number of transmit queues for each port in this port group.
The number of 'slices' into which transmit resources are divided. This determines the resolution with which transmit priority can be allocated to each of the transmit queues. For example, if the number of slices is 16, then transmit resources may be all ...
The approximate percentage of a port's transmit resources to be allocated to each transmit queue. This allows for fine-tuning of the 'strict priority' configuration. Under strict priority, the highest queue (ctTxQArbNumQueues - 1) has the highest priorit ...
enabled (1) - optimize system buffer distribution for default CoS queue disabled (2) - use default system buffer distribution.

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MIBs list