vStpForwardDelay - v Spanning Tree Port Forward Delay - ALCATEL-IND1-VLAN-STP-MIB

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With IPHost Network Monitor you can run simple snmp requests against a Alcatel device in your network.


v Spanning Tree Port Forward Delay

This time value, measured in units of hundredths of a second, controls how fast a port changes its spanning state when moving towards the Forwarding state. The value determines how long the port stays in each of the Listening and Learning states, which precede the Forwarding state. This value is also used, when a topology change has been detected and is underway, to age all dynamic entries in the Forwarding Database. [Note that this value is the one that this instance is currently using, in contrast to vStpBridgeForwardDelay which is the value that this instance and all others would start using if/when this bridge were to become the root.]


IPHost Network monitor allows you to monitor vStpForwardDelay on Alcatel device via the SNMP protocol. Download IPHost Network Monitor (500 monitors for 30 days, 50 monitors free forever) to start monitoring Alcatel IP phones right now.

Easy monitoring of vStpForwardDelay with IPHost tools

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