cAAAApplicationType - Cisco AAA Application Type - CISCO-AAA-SERVER-EXT-MIB

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Cisco AAA Application Type

The Application type for which this AAA configuration is applied. Each of these applications uses AAA services on the device. 'login' application includes console, telnet and SSH based login using the username and password. DHCHAP (Diffie Hellman Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol) is a FC-SP compliant authentication protocol that can be used for switch-to-switch, host-to-switch and host-to-host authentication. DHCHAP is of the applications for AAA. DH-CHAP is basically combination of bi-directional CHAP authentication ([4]) with Diffie-Hellman exchange. iSCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface over IP) is an SCSI transport protocol for mapping of block-oriented storage data over TCP/IP networks. The 'default' application type indicates the default configurations which can be used by all the applications, unless overridden by specific application types.


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Easy monitoring of cAAAApplicationType with IPHost tools

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