cAAASvrGrpList - Cisco AAA Server Group List - CISCO-AAA-SERVER-EXT-MIB

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Cisco AAA Server Group List

This represents ordered list of AAA Server Groups that are configured for this application to perform AAA functions. This object contains list of the AAA Server Groups as defined in the 'cAAASvrExtSvrGrpConfigTable'. The value of this object is a concatenation of zero or more 4-octet strings, where each 4-octet string represents a 32-bit 'cAAASvrGrpIndex' value of server group ('cAAASvrExtSvrGrpConfigTable') in network byte order. The order in which Server Groups occur within the value of this object determines the Server Group priority in the list. The maximum number of Server Groups that can be specified in this row is limited by 'cAAASvrExtAppToSvrGrpMaxEnt' value.


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