CISCO-BRIDGE-EXT-MIB - cbeDot1dTpVlanRowStatus

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With IPHost Network Monitor you can run simple snmp requests against a Cisco device in your network.


Cisco Bridge Dot1d Tp Vlan Row Status

The status of this conceptual row entry. This object is used to manage creation and deletion of rows in this table. To create an entry, users set the value of this object to createAndGo(4). To delete an entry, users set the value of this object to destroy(6). Deletion of an entry in this table is only allowed if the VLAN indicated by its row index object does not exist in the device. cbeDot1dTpVlanAgingTime and cbeDot1dTpVlanAgingFromGlobal can be modified at any time (even while the row is active). If users set the value of cbeDot1dTpVlanAgingFromGlobal object to true(1) and the VLAN indicated by cbeDot1dTpVlanIndex object in the same row does not exist, the entry will be removed from this table.


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