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line Test Trigger

Starts or stops (aborts) a test in progress. The agent will only start a new test, if no test is active on the targeted port. The user must set lineTestTimeIntvl to an appropriate value before starting test by setting this parameter to start. The System resets the value back to stop when the test completes. This parameter value affects lineTestStatus as following: value current lineTestStatus new lineTestStatus ----- ---------------------- ------------------ start inactive/pass/fail/ active aborted stop active aborted clear pass/fail/aborted inactive The rest of the combinations will result in error. Starting of the test may fail due to a line test already in progress on the selected subscriber line. Agent updates lineTestStartTime, when it accepts the line test. Agent updates lineTestCmplTime, when the test completes or when user aborts the test. Stopping a test resets lineTestUpBitErrRate and lineTestDwnBitErrRate. Clearing a test resets lineTestStartTime, lineTestCmplTime, lineTestUpBitErrRate, and lineTestDwnBitErrRate to zero. lineTestTimeIntvl and lineTestBitErrRateLimit get set back to their defaults. Finally, lineTestStatus is set to inactive. Line test information only resets when the user sets this parameter to clear, otherwise parameters from the previous run of the test are preserved until system is rebooted. All of the parameters are initialized on reboot.

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