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o C Interface Entry

Each entry represents a SONET alarm condition. Following are the definition of SONET level alarms: EQF - Equipment Failure (Local) (causes slotStatus to be critical) Near End Alarms (causes slotStatus to be critical): LOS - Loss of Signal LOF - Loss of Frame LAIS - Line Alarm Indication Signal LOP - Loss of Pointer PAIS - Path Alarm Indication Signal SLM - Signal Label Mismatch Far End Alarms: (causes slotStatus to be critical) LRFI - Line Remote Failure Indication PRFI - Path Remote Failure Indication Miscellaneous. Alarms: LOST - Loss Of Synchronization (causes slotStatus to be major) LOCD - Loss 0f Cell Delineation. (causes slotStatus to be critical) Individual alarm description describes any interdependencies between alarm types. It also contains port status and interface mode.

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