cdeTConnConfigLocalAck - Cisco DLSW T Connection Config Local Ack - CISCO-DLSW-EXT-MIB

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Cisco DLSW T Connection Config Local Ack

Reflects whether the peer connection is locally acknowledged. Locally acknoledgement means terminating the DLC connections at the router, eliminating the requirement for link-layer acknowledgements and keepalive messages to flow across the WAN. In addition because link-layer frames are acknowledged locally, link-layer time-outs should not occur. In general ciscoDlswTConnConfigLocalAck will be true when the domain type is tcp, false when the domain type is fst, direct-hdlc, or direct-frame-relay. Configuring the remote-peer as pass-thru, the remote peer will not use local acknowlegement.


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Easy monitoring of cdeTConnConfigLocalAck with IPHost tools

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