swL2VlanForbiddenPorts - Switch L2 Vlan Forbidden Ports

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With IPHost Network Monitor you can run simple snmp requests against a D-Link device in your network.


Switch L2 Vlan Forbidden Ports

The set of ports which are prohibited by management from being included in the egress list for this VLAN. Changes to this object that cause a port to be included or excluded affect the per-port per-VLAN Registrar control for Registration Forbidden for the relevant GVRP state machine on each port. A port may not be added in this set if it is already a member of the set of ports in dot1qVlanStaticEgressPorts. The default value of this object is a string of zeros of appropriate length, excluding all ports from the forbidden set.

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Easy monitoring of swL2VlanForbiddenPorts with IPHost tools

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