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DOCSIS If Cmts Cm Status Value

Current cable modem connectivity state, as specified in the RF Interface Specification. Returned status information is the CM status, as assumed by the CMTS, and indicates the following events: other(1) Any state other than below. ranging(2) The CMTS has received an Initial Ranging Request message from the CM, and the ranging process is not yet complete. rangingAborted(3) The CMTS has sent a Ranging Abort message to the CM. rangingComplete(4) The CMTS has sent a Ranging Complete message to the CM. ipComplete(5) The CMTS has received a DHCP reply message and forwarded it to the CM. registrationComplete(6) The CMTS has sent a Registration Response message to the CM. accessDenied(7) The CMTS has sent a Registration Aborted message to the CM. operational(8) Value 8 is considered reserved and should not be defined in future revisions of this MIB module to avoid conflict with documented implementations that support value 8 to indicate operational state after completing the BPI initialization process. registeredBPIInitializing(9) Baseline Privacy (BPI) is enabled and the CMTS is in the process of completing BPI initialization. This state MAY last for a significant length of time if failures occur during the initialization process. After completion of BPI initialization, the CMTS will report registrationComplete(6). The CMTS only needs to report states it is able to detect.

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