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DOCSIS If Up Channel Clone From

This object contains the ifIndex value of the physical interface row entry whose parameters are to be adjusted. Upon setting this object to the ifIndex value of a physical interface, the following interface objects values are copied to this entry: docsIfUpChannelFrequency, docsIfUpChannelWidth, docsIfUpChannelModulationProfile, docsIfUpChannelSlotSize, docsIfUpChannelRangingBackoffStart, docsIfUpChannelRangingBackoffEnd, docsIfUpChannelTxBackoffStart, docsIfUpChannelTxBackoffEnd, docsIfUpChannelScdmaActiveCodes, docsIfUpChannelScdmaCodesPerSlot, docsIfUpChannelScdmaFrameSize, docsIfUpChannelScdmaHoppingSeed, docsIfUpChannelType, and docsIfUpChannelPreEqEnable Setting this object to the value of a non-existent or a temporary upstream interface returns the error 'wrongValue'. This object MUST contain a value of zero for physical interfaces entries. Setting this object in row entries that correspond to physical interfaces returns the error 'wrongValue'.

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