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DOCSIS If Up Channel Status

This object is only used for the creation of a temporary upstream row with the purpose of updating the parameters of a physical upstream channel entry. The following restrictions apply to this object: 1. This object is not writable for physical interfaces. 2. Temporary interface entries are only created by a SET of this object to createandWait(5). 3. ifAdminStatus from the Interface MIB RFC 2863 is used to take a physical upstream channel offline, to be consistent with DOCSIS 1.x operation, as indicated in RFC 2670. In addition, o ifAdminStatus 'down' is reflected in this object as 'notInService'. o ifOperStatus 'down' while ifAdminStatus 'up' is reflected in this object as 'notInservice'. 4. Temporary created rows MUST be set to 'active' with the purpose of validating upstream parameter consistency prior to transferring the parameters to the physical interface. Below is a mandatory procedure for adjusting the values of a physical interface: 1. Create a temporary interface entry through an SNMP SET using 'createAndWait'. At this point, the RowStatus reports 'notReady'. The Manager entity uses an ifIndex value outside the operational range of the physical interfaces for the creation of a temporary interface. 2. Set the docsIfUpChannelCloneFrom object to the ifIndex value of the physical row to update. Now docsIfUpChannelStatus reports 'notInService'. 3. Change the upstream parameters to the desired values in the temporary row. 4. Validate that all parameters are consistent by setting docsIfUpChannelStatus to 'active'. A failure to set the RowStatus to 'active' returns the error 'commitFailed', which means the parameters are not compatible with the target physical interface. 5. With docsIfUpChannelStatus 'active', transfer the parameters to the target physical interface by setting the object docsIfUpChannelUpdate to 'true'. 6. Delete the temporary row by setting docsIfUpChannelStatus to 'destroy'.

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