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DOCSIS If Upstream Channel Entry

List of attributes for a single upstream channel. For DOCSIS 2.0 CMTSs, an entry in this table exists for each ifEntry with an ifType of docsCableUpstreamChannel (205). For DOCSIS 1.x CM/CMTSs and DOCSIS 2.0 CMs, an entry in this table exists for each ifEntry with an ifType of docsCableUpstream (129). For DOCSIS 2.0 CMTSs, two classes of interfaces can be defined for this table: o Upstream Physical Interfaces: The traditional DOCSIS 1.x CMTS upstream interface ifType 129 and the DOCSIS 2.0 ifType 205 that are functional. In other words, interfaces that represent upstream receivers within an RF MAC interface. Entries of physical interfaces are exposed to the management interface with their corresponding ifStack hierarchy and are not administratively created by this table. o Upstream Temporary Interfaces: A fictitious interface created for the purpose of manipulating physical interface parameters offline, then validating prior to updating the target physical interface. In case of a reinitialization of the managed system, physical interfaces values persist while the temporary interfaces are not recreated. This mechanism helps to minimize service disruptions originating in situations where a group of interface parameter values need to be consistent with each other in SET operations. A temporary buffer (temporary interface) is provided to allow the CMTS to validate the parameters offline.

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