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LAN Emulation Client Row Status

This object lets network managers create and delete LAN Emulation Clients, on systems that support this optional capability. It does not control Joins and Terminations; they are controlled by 'ifAdminStatus'. However, taking rows out of service will have the side effect of changing their 'ifAdminStatus' values to 'down', thus causing any active emulated LAN connections to be terminated. Within each conceptual lecConfigTable row, objects which are writable may be modified regardless of the value of lecRowStatus. It is not necessary to set a row's status to 'notInService' first. When creating a LAN Emulation Client, it is up to the management station to determine a suitable 'lecIndex'. To facilitate interoperability, agents should not put any restrictions on the 'lecIndex' beyond the obvious ones that it be valid and unused. If you create a LAN Emulation Client via this object, it will initially have 'ifAdminStatus' = 'down' 'ifOperStatus' = 'down' 'lecInterfaceState' = 'initialState'

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