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OID list for ip port number

xylan Filter Ip Service Port Number
xylanFltIpServicePortNumber (defined in XYLAN-FLT-MIB)
sys Ip Config Trap Client Port Number
sysIpConfigTrapClientPortNumber (defined in 3comab9300)
Trap client's port number.
IBM APPN Node Port Ip Port Number
ibmappnNodePortIpPortNum (defined in rfc1593)
Local TCP/IP port number.
IBM APPN Node Link Stations Local Ip Port Number
ibmappnNodeLsLocalIpPortNum (defined in rfc1593)
Local TCP/IP port number. The default listening port will be administratively assigned and will dynamically change if this node initiates a session with adjacent node.
IBM APPN Node Link Stations Remote Ip Port Number
ibmappnNodeLsRemoteIpPortNum (defined in rfc1593)
Remote TCP/IP port number.
Network Ip Host Map Port Number
nwIpHostMapPortNumber (defined in ctron-ip-router-mib)
The unique value for the logical port number. It's value ranges between 1 and a maximum value which is dependent on both the number of interfaces in the system and the number of circuits present on interfaces which are of WAN type.
Network Ip Acl Port Number
nwIpAclPortNumber (defined in ctron-ip-router-mib)
Specifies the port number used to compare for matches on the access control list. nwIpAclPortNumber only applies if nwIpAclProtocol is equal to 4 or 5, UDP or TCP nwIpAclPortNumber ranges from 0 to 65536. The value 0 is a wildcard which matches any port.

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