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OID list for peer count

global Peer Filter Count
globalPeerFilterCount (defined in MSIPRIP2-MIB)
Number of entries in the peer filter table
if CE Unicast Peer Count
ifCEUnicastPeerCount (defined in MSIPRIP2-MIB)
Number of entries in the Unicast Peer Table corresponding to this interface entry.
if PS Last Peer Update Tick Count
ifPSLastPeerUpdateTickCount (defined in MSIPRIP2-MIB)
The tick-count in milliseconds at the time of the last RIP RESPONSE received from this peer.
PNNIx Neighbor Peer Port Count
pnnixNbrPeerPortCount (defined in XPNNI-MIB)
A count of the total number of ports that connect to the neighboring peer. If the neighboring peer only communicates via an SVCC-based RCC, the value of this attribute is set to zero. Otherwise it is set to the total number of ports to the neighboring peer in the Hello state 2-WayInside.
Cisco Enhanced Interior Gateway Protocol Peer Count
cEigrpPeerCount (defined in CISCO-EIGRP-MIB)
The number of EIGRP adjacencies currently formed with peers reached through this interface.

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