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OID list for port statistics errors

sdlc Port Statistics Protocol Errors
sdlcPortStatsProtocolErrs (defined in rfc1747)
This object reflects the total number of times that the SDLC link stations on this port have deactivated the link as a result of having received a protocol violation from the adjacent link station. This object is initialized to zero when the port is created.
port Statistics FCS Errors
portStatsFCSErrors (defined in netlink-specific-mib)
A value consistently greater than zero indicates line probelms.
Repeater Port Group Packet Statistics Errors
rptrPortGrpPktStatsErrors (defined in repeater-rev4-mib)
Return this port group's total errors.
Repeater Port Packet Statistics Errors
rptrPortPktStatsErrors (defined in repeater-rev4-mib)
Get this port's total errors.

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