May, 2015. v 4.0 build 9250

May, 2015. v 4.0 build 9250

Monitoring service: Monitoring of virtually any server or networking hardware is now possible – 12 new and improved monitor types for system resource monitoring have been introduced. Now you can monitor CPU load, memory and disk space usage, and parameters of system processes using any of 3 technologies: WMI, SNMP, or SSH.

Monitoring interface: New Monitor Wizard has been revamped to cope with an increased number of various monitor types. Now you can create several monitors of different types at a time.

Monitoring interface: Credentials management has been considerably improved.

Web interface: New product settings for Web Interface have been added. You can enable secure access (via HTTPS), set host name or IP address to access Web Interface, set password and several other parameters.

You can find more about the release in Release Notes.