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How to exclude out of range performance values from reports?

Q: My SNMP monitor can occasionally return too big performance values; they result in report graphs becoming all flat. How do I exclude such values? A: Spike filters can help you to disregard certain performance values. In the below example we assume that “wrong” values are above 1000 and they are unlikely to appear more […]

Can I modify Web interface, to allow certain users to only see certain reports?

How can I allow users to only see certain reports via IPHost Web interface? Q: Is it possible to only allow users to see and generate reports? Also, I need to control which of users may access reports. A: By default, access to Web interface of IPHost Network Monitor is unrestricted; for higher security, we […]

How can I allow access to certain Web interface pages only?

Q: I need to restrict access to web interface pages. How can I do that? A: Web server, bundled with IPHost Network Monitor, is supplied with two authentication modules, providing Basic and Digest authentication. Below are instructions on how to use either of them. In the settings listed below, <IP address> should be replaced with […]