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How do I use Windows event log monitor?

Table of contents Create an event log monitor with default values Create a new event source Test event source Adjust to real-life case Tips and tricks Q: Is it possible to monitor certain type of records appearing in Windows event logs? A: Yes, you can set up monitoring of specific events posted to system logs. […]

Setting up Syslog monitor

Table of contents Create monitor with default values Setup syslog service to send messages Test configuration Adapting to real-life cases Tips and tricks Q: What is Syslog monitor and how can I use it? A: Syslog monitor has been introduced since v5.1 build 13326 of IPHost Network Monitor. The monitor provides a powerful tool to […]

How can I optimize Windows Server performance with your tool?

How can IPHost Network Monitor help me to tune server performance? Q: I need to optimize my server performance. How can IPHost assist me in that? A: Server performance tuning is impossible without reliable information on a server workload. It includes CPU load, Available Memory, DISKSPACE, network connectivity. It is possible to get statistics on […]

How could all the important data be gathered to set up Windows Server monitoring?

Q: I am new to Windows server monitoring. How can I set up monitors to watch all important Windows server components and services? A: IPHost Network Monitor can gather all the data required for Windows Server performance tuning. Every service and/or device requires specific settings. All the services providing TCP and/or UDP services can be […]