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How can I filter the payload of SNMP Generic traps?

I prefer setting SNMP Trap, to get notification as soon as possible, without polling for it. How can I fine tune it, to only trigger when certain values are sent? Q: There’s “Custom trap, filtered by regexp” type that could solve my task, but you give no hint what regexp are? A: Perl-style regular expressions […]

How should I set up SNMP Trap if IPHost Network Monitor is behind NAT?

Traps are not passing through to IPHost installation, when it’s behind NAT. How to make it work? Q: I want to set up SNMP Traps from devices behind our NAT local network. Is it possible? A: Yes, it is possible. Depending on how IPHost interconnects to the network device in question, certain adjustments can be […]

How to make sure SNMP trap works as expected?

How can I test if SNMP trap works as expected? Q: At the moment I have a APC 7500 Smart UPS in our LAN. An SNMP test trap sent from this agent is not recorded by IPHost Network Monitor (both the agent and IPHost Monitor are in the same IP range). I can add the […]

How do I set up SNMP Generic Trap monitors?

What is correct procedure of setting SNMP Custom Trap monitor? Q: Having problems getting SNMP traps to work. The monitor does not change its state from Unknown, no matter what OID is specified. I have tested with a general trap manager and the traps being generated by device I need to monitor. How do I […]