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Protect access to Web interface with HTTP Basic authentication

Secure Web interface with HTTP Basic Authentication Q: By default, IPHost Network Monitor Web interface is open to everyone, can I restrict access to it? A: Yes, you can use HTTP Authentication to require user name and password pair to access Web interface. The detailed instructions follow. Restricting access with HTTP Basic Authentication Important: the […]

Can I modify Web interface, to allow certain users to only see certain reports?

How can I allow users to only see certain reports via IPHost Web interface? Q: Is it possible to only allow users to see and generate reports? Also, I need to control which of users may access reports. A: By default, access to Web interface of IPHost Network Monitor is unrestricted; for higher security, we […]

How can I allow access to certain Web interface pages only?

Q: I need to restrict access to web interface pages. How can I do that? A: Web server, bundled with IPHost Network Monitor, is supplied with two authentication modules, providing Basic and Digest authentication. Below are instructions on how to use either of them. In the settings listed below, <IP address> should be replaced with […]

How do I configure HTTPS access to Web interface for maximum security?

Making Web interface secure Q: I have configured Web interface to use HTTPS, to access it from outside local network. How can I further harden security? A: The first piece of advice is to upgrade to the latest IPHost version (v5.1 build 14047 at the moment of writing this text). You can look at release […]

Why ‘Play Sound’ alert doesn’t work in my browser?

Why ‘Play Sound’ alert doesn’t work in my browser? Q: I can hear sound alert file playback, and can hear sound alert when monitoring service executes it. However, i can’t hear sound alert when using Web interface. Why? A: The most probable cause is Flash Player (which web interface use for playing mp3 sounds for […]

Can I run IPHost GUI client from another computer?

Can I run IPHost client on another computer, but access the same monitoring database? Q: I would like to install IPHost Network Monitor on another computer, but keep access to monitoring database located on different computer. How can I do that? A: You cannot run the IPHost Network Monitor Client from another workstation. You can […]

How to set up secure access to Web interface?

How can I set up secure (HTTPS) Web interface to IPHost Network Monitor reports? Q: I need to set up HTTPS access to Web interface to monitoring data provided by IPHost Network Monitor. How can I do that? A: If you use 4.0.9306 or newer release of IPHost Ntework Monitor, then you can configure HTTP(S) […]