Web Monitoring

Web monitoring is used to detect network issues and web applications failure.To check network and web applications availability web monitoring tools from different companies are used ( such as, SolarWinds, Spector360 and IPHost Network Monitor).


IPHost Network Monitor web monitoring tool

Screenshot 1 – IPHost Network Monitor web monitoring tool


IPHost Network Monitor web monitoring tool

Screenshot 2 – IPHost Network Monitor web monitoring tool


IPHost Network Monitor web monitoring tool

Screenshot 3 – IPHost Network Monitor web monitoring tool report


Web monitoring tools are used for automated and continuous monitoring of your network, notifying users about  in case for example,  sites are unavailable, don’t respond or the response time is slow.

To monitor web applications, special tools are used. Such tools perform continuous monitoring of web applications and e-commerce web sites such as internet shops, auctions, web portal by simulating the steps of real user activity so the tool lets you constantly monitor real user experience to be sure your online shop or enterprise web application performs well. A notification is sent in case any application becomes unavailable.

Web monitoring tools help to ensure that web applications and services are functioning properly and deliver acceptable performance from the end-user perspective. By simulating real-user experience, this web application monitoring tool provides realistic results reflecting what end-users are experiencing when performing any type of e-commerce transaction on a website.

The monitoring tool provides an opportunity to set performance thresholds to be notified if web application performance from the end user perspective becomes unacceptable. These early warning notifications help to prevent more serious problems that can lead to system outages and big losses.

Web Performance Monitor also refers to Web monitoring. Web Performance Monitor is used for web transactions monitoring from the end user’s point-of-view.

Web Performance Monitor helps to :

    • Monitor for slow page load speed for each individual page in the user transaction
    • Monitor from multiple locations (inside the firewall or in the cloud)
    • Identify and troubleshoot Website load time issues in time by location, page, or transaction
    • Identify the heaviest page elements (HTML, JavaScripts,CSS, Images) , send alerts if some images are not matching
    • Get alerts and notifications on incomplete or slow pages

Data types monitored by web performance monitoring tools:

    • Transaction response time
    • Response time
    • TCP connect time
    • Time to first byte
    • Time to last byte
    • DNS resolution time
    • Content size
    • Content time
    • Download time
SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor

Screenshot 4 – SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor


SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor statistics

Screenshot 5 – SolarWinds Web Performance Monitor statistics

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