Templates: Other Applications And Services – Microsoft SharePoint 2007 Server

Monitors included into Other Applications and Services – MS SharePoint 2007 Server template

The monitors from this application template check critical services availability and performance data for a Microsoft SharePoint  2007 Server. SharePoint is a web application platform in the Microsoft Office server suite. SharePoint combines various functions which are traditionally separate applications: intranet, extranet, content management, document management, personal cloud, enterprise social networking, enterprise search, business intelligence, workflow management, web content management, and an enterprise application store. More about templates.

Monitors list

Monitors description

Central Administration TCP port (enabled by default) Shows if Central Administration answers on specified port.

Document Conversions Launcher (enabled by default) Shows if Document Conversions Launcher service is alive. This service schedules and initiates the document conversions. When Windows SharePoint Services passes a document conversion request to the document conversion launcher service, the service must call the appropriate document converter.

SharePoint Search Host Controller (enabled by default) Shows if SharePoint Search Host Controller service (service manages the search topology components) is alive. This service runs the system processes for SharePoint search and adds and initializes new instances of search components. It also manages the search topology changes.

MS Sharepoint 2007 version check Off by default. This is a match monitor used to determine if this application template can be applied to a host in network discovery process. There is no need to enable this monitor, since it does not check any valuable characteristic.

ASP.NET: Request/sec ASP.NET: The number of requests executed per second. This represents the current throughput of the application. Under constant load, this number should remain within a certain range, barring other server work (such as garbage collection, cache cleanup thread, external server tools, and so on).

ASP.NET: Worker Processes Restarts The number of times a worker process has been restarted on the server computer. A worker process can be restarted if it fails unexpectedly or when it is intentionally recycled. If this counter increases unexpectedly, you should investigate as soon as possible.

Central Administration Shows if Central Administration is available via HTTP protocol. The Central Administration is used to perform administration tasks for SharePoint Products and Technologies from a central location. There is no default value: when the farm is built, the Configuration Wizard will automatically generate a random five digit port number for the Central Admin site to run on. Hence, you need to set a correct port manually.

Document Conversions Load Balancer Shows if Document Conversions Load Balancer service is alive. This service balances the document conversion requests from across the server farm. When it receives a converter request from Windows SharePoint Services, the document conversion load balancer service must return a URI to the appropriate document conversion launcher service. Windows SharePoint Services connects to the specified launcher via .NET Remoting and requests that it convert the specified document.

SharePoint Administration Shows if SharePoint Administration service is alive. The service handles a specific subset of operations (exposed as methods of the SPAdministrationOperation object) which require local administrator rights on a server.

SharePoint Server Search Shows if SharePoint Server Search service (crawls content for the search index) is alive.

SharePoint Timer Shows if SharePoint Timer service is alive. This service is a scheduled tasks management service intended to schedule updating components of the farm such as servers and services, and updating data and configuration in farm databases. If the Timer Service or any of its instances on servers begins to malfunction, it won’t take long for problems to begin appearing across the farm.

SharePoint Tracing Shows if SharePoint Tracing service is alive. This service is used by Windows SharePoint Services to manage trace output of the call stack. When trace logging is enabled, administrators can specify the path that is used to store the trace logs.

SharePoint VSS Writer Shows if SharePoint VSS Writer is alive. SharePoint uses VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service – the infrastructure that provides built-in shadow copy capabilities) to simplify backup and restore operations.

Templates overview

IPHost Network Monitor provides application templates (or just “templates” later in document), to create multiple relevant monitors in only a few clicks. Templates facilitate adding typical monitors sets; this can be particularly useful in case of big networks, when creating same-type monitors for many same-type devices is a common task. Application templates are sets of monitors that can be added, using specific predefined parameters, for a given host at once. The said set, added for given host, is displayed as a separate node in tree view pane, and is named application.

There are predefined templates; user can as well generate templates of their own – either out of existing monitors, or by cloning a predefined template. User-added template definitions are saved in XML files and can thus be conveniently augmented or applied to specific needs.