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TCP Monitor is one of the basic IPHost monitors. TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) complements the other core protocol from Internet Protocol Suite, namely IP. TCP is used to provide a reliable, ordered data delivery between two applications (on the same or different computers).

TCP monitoring makes sense when we should make sure the connection to a given IP address at a given port is possible. Manual TCP connectivity monitoring is made most often with telnet program; if the host responds, then the test is positive. However, in case we have a multitude hosts and ports to test, manual checking becomes too cumbersome. The complete lack of monitoring may result in unexpected services downtime. IPHost Network Monitor provides a simple solution to prevent this – TCP monitor.

To create an IPHost TCP monitor, you only need to add a host and a port number. If the host to monitor TCP connectivity is not local, performance testing and monitoring should also be adjusted to make sure connection takes reasonable time to happen. The TCP monitor is one of the simplest monitors available and is easy to set up.

TCP monitoring can be of use as early alert tool: no need to test whether, say, a website responds as expected if the connectivity to the corresponding port is not possible. Typical cases when this kind of monitoring is relevant are: test general website connectivity; test mailserver presence; test for correct firewall settings. More complex tests require more complicate monitors and/or TCP port scan; TCP port monitoring is faster and can be used as a dependency for other types of monitors.

It is recommended to set up TCP monitors for important ports and add more complex monitors using TCP monitor as dependency. For example, try using TCP monitor for port 80 along with HTTP monitor to check for actual site response.

Description of other features:

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