Introducing IPHost mobile client

Introducing IPHost mobile client

Getting Push notifications on your mobile devices


We are glad to introduce IPHost mobile app (currently available for Android 4.4 or newer).

To start using Push notifications on your Android device(s), please upgrade your IPHost installation to v5.3 or later version.

You would also need an Android mobile device running free IPHost mobile app.

We have added a quick start reference for IPHost mobile app; it typically takes less than 5 minutes to install the app, connect it to the IPHost desktop installation and commence receiving Push notifications.

Notes on using mobile app

Currently, IPHost mobile app can connect to a single IPHost desktop installation. A desktop installation, in turn, can connect to multiple IPHost mobile apps (it can thus send Push notifications to multiple devices). By using properly set up alerts and schedules one can choose which notifications and when may be sent to which mobile devices.

You might need to prevent your mobile device from sending IPHost mobile app to sleeping (suspended) state when device is locked – please refer to quick start guide on how to do that.

By default, IPHost mobile app plays the same audio file for all the nine alert types. We encourage you to configure notification tones (in the app “Settings” menu), to only get notified of the Push notifications of desired emergency.

IPHost mobile app requires active Internet connection to be able to receive notifications. You can test the connection from “Settings > Mobile Devices” section of IPHost desktop GUI client, by trying to send a test alert to certain mobile device.


If you need assistance setting up IPHost mobile app or you wish to suggest anything, feel free to contact us or just leave a comment below.