Network re-discovery

Network discovery can be used to build the list of devices to monitor. To repeat this, re-discovery can be used, both manual and automated (scheduled).

The rediscovery can find open/available ports, detect new devices connected and so on; it can be used to make sure there are no open ports in the network, to detect quickly new devices not yet added manually and so on. Please also note that the discovery can generate significant amount of traffic.


IPHost features:

TCP monitor
TCP monitoring makes sense when we should make sure the connection to a given IP address at a given port is possible. Manual TCP connectivity monitoring is made most often with telnet program … To create an IPHost TCP monitor, you only need to add a host and a port number. …

Ping monitoring
PING tool is one of the simplest IPHost monitors; it is used primarily to detect a network host’s availability as well as availability of any website and/or device …