Network switch is a network device that connects network segments. It often operates on one of the network layers (data link layer); however, there can be multi-layer switches as well. Switches redirect traffic in more intelligent way, than hubs (the latter simply re-send all the incoming packets to all the connected cables).

Switches do not create as many collisions than hubs do, and thus network is more efficient, since full-duplex mode (simultaneous sending and receiving data) can be used. Switches can also provide SNMP and related control protocols, both to gather statistics and control the device.


IPHost features:

SNMP Monitoring – network testing, scanning, check
SNMP monitoring is the standard way to monitor network usage characteristics by monitoring the ports of routers and switches. The number of other parameters like disk space, CPU utilization & temperature …

SNMP Traps Monitor
SNMP Monitors belong to advanced type of IPHost Monitors. SNMP, or Simple Network Management Protocol, is a protocol widely used to request and/or modify …

SNMP monitoring
SNMP Custom Monitor (when properly set up on the target system) can be used to retrieve any information. Even if the default OIDs do not provide required information, it is possible to set up SNMP so that the output …