IPHost Network Monitor Features

IPHost Network Monitor Features: Make Sure Your Servers Are Alive

IPHost Network Monitor application can monitor both Windows and UNIX based networks, various servers and network equipment, availability and performance characteristics of Web and other applications. The advanced alerting system provides timely notifications using several means such as e-mail, SMS, and instant messengers; the system is also able to execute correcting actions locally or remotely via SSH. The monitoring system reports, logs and graphs are available both in the GUI client and in the application Web interface.

IPHost Network Monitor supports more than 20 monitoring methods and more than 10 alerting technologies. SNMP and WMI protocols are used to collect hardware performance data and for network performance monitoring. Mail (IMAP, POP3, SMTP) servers can be checked and optional test message can be sent to test a server operability, and so on. Custom monitors and alerts let you to extend your monitoring system in accordance with your company current needs.

IPHost Network Monitor includes an add-on product for end-to-end performance monitoring of Web applications and e-commerce Web sites – Web Transaction Monitor. This tool simulates a real Web application user or e-commerce site customer activity step by step. With Web Transaction Monitor you can check your Web application availability and performance from the customer’s point of view.

SMS over GSM modem/phone alert allows to send an SMS (text message) over GSM modem or phone attached to the computer running IPHost Network Monitor. By default the text message contains a short description of a problem (a monitor name, its new state and the time when the state changed) and a link to the monitor summary report. This alert is the most reliable mechanism for sending notifications since it does not depend on your mail server availability or local/global network connectivity.

IPHost Network Monitor software is available in several editions: Basic, Professional and Enterprise. Basic edition has different set of features and limited to 200 monitors. Professional edition is available with 500 or 1000 monitors. Professional 1000 edition includes 5 Remote Network Agents. Enterprise edition comes with unlimited number of monitors and agents.

Description of other features:

Monitoring Features Here you can find the list of monitor types supported in IPHost Network Monitor and brief description of their parameters.
Application Templates Here you can find the list of application templates supported in IPHost Network Monitor and their short description.
Network Discovery Helps you to create a basis of your monitoring configuration and automates the task of detection network hosts and network services.
Alerting Features Here you can find the list of alert types (ways of reaction to the problems happened during monitoring) available in IPHost Network Monitor, and their brief description.
Reporting Features Here you can find the list of report types available in IPHost Network Monitor with brief descriptions.
IPHost Network Monitor interfaces
and structure
Here you can find an overview of IPHost Network Monitor components, Windows and web interfaces.

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