Log View

Logs Pane

Logs Pane

The Logs Pane displays log messages stored in the database. There are two types of log messages:

  • system messages and monitor configuration changes
  • monitor state changes

You can select what log messages should be shown using the drop-down menu on the Logs Pane toolbar. Both log message types use the same Logs Pane with a common timeline for convenience. Log messages are color-coded as shown in the table below:

System Messages and Warnings
System message – white background, gray font
System warning – orange background, black font
Monitor or Group Messages Black font

Configuration change – white background
State change to OK – green background
State change to Performance Warning – light orange background
State change to Down, Error Message – light red background

All system messages are shown regardless of a currently selected item type (monitor, host or group) in the Tree View. The state change and alert log shows messages about a selected item only. A message from this log includes a hyperlink; by clicking on it you can select a corresponding object in the Tree View pane.

The toolbar in the Logs Pane has the following controls

  • Show drop-down menu allows you to turn on/off either system messages or state changes and alerts messages.
  • Show full log links to the Web interface’s Report Tab.

Context menu

The Logs Pane context menu appears on a right-click in the log area. The menu contains the standard Select All and Copy items, and the Autoscroll item labeled with a check mark. When this item is marked, the window is automatically scrolled to show new log records. If it is not marked then the window position doesn’t change after new log records are added. Disable Autoscroll if you examine records in the middle of the log and do not want the window to change focus.

Context menu