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Getting Started with IPHost Network Monitor

If you want to get familiar with IPHost Network Monitor quickly probably a good idea to take a look at our starter's guide.

Please take a look at Web Transaction monitor (sequence of HTTP/HTTPS requests) add-on allowing end-to-end performance and availability monitoring of your business critical web applications. You can record in a browser in IPHost Network Monitor a typical session of your Web application user and created Web Transaction monitor will check recorded user session repeatedly (for example, every 5 or 10 minutes) and notify you if the web application fails on some step or its performance is unacceptable.

IPHost Network Monitor supports sending SMS alerts via GSM modem or phone connected to the computer where IPHost Network Monitor is installed. This provides you with reliable alternative mean for sending alerts so it is especially useful when some network or mail server problems prevent sending alerts by e-mail. Most of modern GSM modems and phones are supported.