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This MIB module defines a portion of the SNMP MIB under Enterasys Networks' enterprise OID pertaining to configuration management.

With the IPHost SNMP tool, you can monitor any SNMP objects of the enterasys-configuration-management-mib . You can select a variable to monitor using the built-in IPHost MIB browser that provides you with all variables, their current values and descriptions taken from the enterasys-configuration-management-mib .

OID list for enterasys-configuration-management-mib

The URL of the last image to be successfully loaded into memory. Return an empty string if this feature is not supported or the information is unavailable.
The URL of the last configuration file to be successfully loaded into memory. Return an empty string if this feature is not supported or the information is unavailable.
A descriptive status of any current failures of any of the persistent storage facilities on this entity. When this information is unavailable return a null string. 'operational' should be returned if there are no problems. Transitional information MAY be ...
The MD5 message digest, as specified in RFC1321, for the persistent configuration information. This object MAY be used by management applications to detect changes to the configuration of the managed entity. If it is not possible to compute this value r ...
The maximum number of configuration change requests this entity can hold in the etsysConfigMgmtChangeTable. A value of 0 indicates no configured limit.
The number of configuration change requests currently in the etsysConfigMgmtChangeTable.
The number of configuration change requests that have completed successfully or otherwise. This object should be stored in persistent memory.
The URLs that this entity supports for transferring files. These define the transfer protocols and remote file names. etsysConfigMgmtFtp - As per rfc1738 ftp://:@:/ url-path: //...//;type=...
Configuration change operations that are supported on this managed entity. A managed entity should provide support only for the options that make sense given the capabilities of the entity and the desired level of manageability.
This object indicates the numerically lowest available index within this entity, which may be used for the value of etsysConfigMgmtChangeIndex in the creation of a new entry in the etsysConfigMgmtChangeTable. An index is considered available if the index ...
A table that describes a single configuration change request.
An entry describing the configuration change request.
The index for this configuration change request.
The URL of the image, configuration file, or server to use for the requested operation. Any password information MUST NOT be returned on a read. Any errors with the type or format of this object SHOULD be reported in the etsysConfigMgmtChangeErrorDescri ...
The operation or operations requested. The specification of any unsupported operations SHOULD cause the entire operation to fail immediately and an appropriate error description to be generated.
The operational state of the configuration request. inactive - Indicates that the RowStatus of this conceptual row is not in the `active` state. pending - Indicates that the configuration change described by this row is ready to run and waiting in a queu ...
The number of seconds that should elapse between the time that the RowStatus of this conceptual row is set to active and the request is queued for execution. On a read this object should return the time remaining before the request is queued.
The date and time, in device local time, when this change request was last enqueued for execution. The value '0000000000000000'H is returned if this table entry has not yet been queued.
The date and time, in device local time, when this change request was last completed. It should be reset to the default value when the RowStatus of this conceptual row is set to active. The value '0000000000000000'H is returned if this table entry has n ...
The number of bytes currently transferred. A value of -1 indicates that this feature is not supported for the protocol currently selected. This value is reset to its initial state when the etsysConfigMgmtRowStatus object is set to the active state.
A checksum, fingerprint, message-digest, or some other means to validate the integrity of the file.
This object contains a descriptive error message if the requested transfer failed. Implementations must reset the error message to a zero-length string when the etsysConfigMgmtChangeRowStatus leaf is set to the active state.
A control that will allow one entry to be added, activated, deactivated, and removed from this table. When the value of this object is 'active' none of the other objects in this conceptual row can be modified. Setting this object to the 'active' state fro ...
Objects that provide some status information about the entity's current configuration.
Objects that provide a means to change the entity's configuration.

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