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Sys file transfer Row Status

The row status object controls the creation/deletion of rows in this table. Its semantics are the same as those for the RowStatus textual convention specified for SNMPv2. Setting this object to createAndGo(4) is not allowed. Setting this object to createAndWait(5) causes an entry to be created with a3ComSysFtRowStatus value of notReady(3). Setting this object to active(1) causes the transfer to start for the given row. Objects within the row cannot be modified once a row has been set to active(1), Setting this object to destroy(6) causes the corresponding row to be deleted. Note that a request to set a row to notInService(2) or destroy(6) will fail if the current rowStatus value is active(1) (i.e. a file transfer is currently in progress). This is necessary since aborting a file transfer may leave the system in an inconsistent state. Note that, currently, only a single instance of a row can be created in this table.


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Easy monitoring of a3ComSysFtRowStatus with IPHost tools

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