a3ComRoutePolicyRouteAddress - a3 Com Route Policy Route Address - A3COM-SWITCHING-SYSTEMS-ROUTEPOLICY-MIB

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a3 Com Route Policy Route Address

This DisplayString is the network address of the route to which this policy applies. Such address will be known when a route advertisement is received by the device being managed. The following formats can be used for this object: IP cccc - ipAddress MIB IP nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn - decimal dotted format IPX AABBCCDD:AABBCCDDEEFF - network : node AppleTalk n[...].n[...] - dotted notation Note that each format described above must be followed according to the protocol family set in the a3ComRoutePolicyProtocolType object. When using the ip family, the agent will be smart enough to understand either one of the two formats listed. When performing an snmp get, the agent will unconditionally return this value using the decimal dotted format if such is an ip address. Note then that the object a3ComRoutePolicyProtocolType must have been set before this object gets set in order to allow the agent to properly parse its contents. If a3ComRoutePolicyRouteAddress is set to empty, which is the default value, the matching process will be independent from the route. The value of this object can be modified at any time.


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