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a3 Com Route Policy Row Status

The status column for a routing policy. This object can be set to: active(1), createAndGo(4), createAndWait(5), destroy(6) The following values may be read: inactive(2) active(1) A new policy entry in this table is created by setting this object to createAndGo(4) or createAndWait(5), indexed by the next available index (a3ComRoutePolicyNextFreeIndex). An error will be returned when an existing policy entry is set to createAndGo(4) or createAndWait(5), and that is a mechanism to detect racing conditions. Setting this object to active(1) causes the agent to attempt to commit to row based on the contents of the object in the row. If all necessary information is present in the row and the values are acceptable to the agent, the agent will change the status to active(1). If any of the necessary objects are not available or result in error, the agent will reject the request. Once a policy entry is made active(1), most fields can still be modified. Setting this object to destroy(6) will remove the entry.


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